• Pulse Glass Gas Mask Nano Rig
  • 4.5" Tall with a 1.5" Diameter Base
  • 10mm Female Joint
  • Fitted Barrel Perc Downstem
  • Slyme Colored Glass Accents on Gas Mask
  • Includes a Quartz 10mm Male Joint Angled Domeless Nail!
  • Aailable in either Wisteria or Green Shimmer


This Pulse Glass Gas Mask Themed Nano Rig measures in at 4.5" with a 1.5" diameter base. The nano rig features a gas mask shaped chamber accented with amber and slyme colored glass to form the mask's details. The rig is designed with a fitted barrel perc downstem that connects to its 10mm Female Joint, accented with several glass rings. In its joint is an angled domeless 10mm Male Joint Quartz nail. The rig is made with a flared lip mouthpiece and bent neck tubing. Available in Green Shimmer and Wisteria!

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