Weed Star Jamaica Man Vapor Bong

Incredible Jamaica Man vapor bong from Weed Star!
  • Made from quality borosilicate glass
  • Multi chamber design
  • Fixed downstem with 14.5mm male joint
  • 14.5mm female vapor dome and concentrate nail
  • Six external cooling tubes
  • Double showerhead percolator
  • Slitted splashguard
  • Straight neck with maria
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Decorated with red yellow and green glass accents
  • Ziggy Jacksons signature etched on lower body
  • White Weed Star WS logo
  • Stable circular foot

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Weed Star Jamaica Man Vapor Bong | 14.5 mm

The Jamaica Man from Weed Star is a unique looking, multi chamber vapor bong that has been designed to be used with concentrates and waxy oils. Measuring 32 cm / 12.6 inches in height, this special bong has been handcrafted from heat resistant, borosilicate glass and comes decorated with red, yellow and green glass accents throughout. The piece features a triple chamber design on a stable circular foot, a slitted double showerhead percolator, a slitted splashguard, a fixed downstem and an ingenious cooling system with six external tubes. The bong also comes with a glass concentrate nail and an angled, 14.5mm female vapor dome that fits on top of the 14.5mm, male joint to bring this powerful piece together.
The bong works by pulling the vapor down and through the double showerhead percolator which starts to cool and break up the vapor into loads of bubbles. The bubbly vapor is then pulled up and through the six external cooling tubes for cooling before being separated through the slitted splashguard. This process is amazing to watch but more importantly provides consistent vapor that is perfectly cooled and filtered resulting in a more enjoyable experience that is less harsh on the throat and lungs. The slitted splashguard keeps water from traveling up towards the mouthpiece.
The straight neck is decorated with a maria, which is pushed glass that results in a decorative bulge that provides extra grip. The mouthpiece and rim of the circular foot are decorated with Rasta inspired red, yellow and green glass accents. The bongs joint is accented with red glass and the top of the splash dome is finished with green glass. A small red glass marble can be found on the fixed downstem, just below the joint. The WS Weed Star logo is placed on the neck in white and the designer Ziggy Jacksons signature is etched on the bongs lower body, so you know you got the real deal.
This Jamaica Man vapor bong from Weed Star is the perfect piece to pull out at a party. Guaranteed to impress your friends with its external tubing and awesome design. Check out our range of Weed Star bongs, bubblers and accessories available to order online today at the number one smoke shop Grasscity.com.
Check out these videos for more info and a demonstration of how to take apart and assemble the Jamaica Man vapor bong!