homemade bongI'm going to show you how to make eight killer bongs at home but! I wouldn't suggest to use any of dose homemade bongs/vaporizers because of the materials that are use plastics, metals, and unknown chemicals. Dose materials can be very harmful to your lungs i would suggest just getting a glass bong or vaporizer 

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Okey now lets get to eight ways to make homemade bongs vaporizers

Number One is Gravity Bong

Number two Soda Can Pipe

Number three Apple Bong

Number four Dual Chamber Water Bong

Number Five SoBe Bong

Number Six Pvc Bong

Number Seven Bamboo Bong

Number Eight Lightbulb Vaporizer

There you have it eight grate way to make a home made bong try it out but us i said i woudnt use it us can harm your lungs get a grate glass bong, vaporizer, bubbler, pipe.  GrassCity.com